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How it works?

  1. Pick the tool you need from the palette above,
  2. Confirm Terms and conditions of the service,
  3. Upload file1) or files1)
  4. Wait a minute or two for files to be processed and downloaded back to your computer.

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Is something missing here?

Yes, we can do more!

1). We accept following file formats for processing: composite PDF - Portable Document Format - versions: 1.3-1.7, PDF/X, PDF/A; composite PostScript Level 1,2,3; EPS - Encapsuladed PostScript, both: vector and bitmap; JPEG - Joint Picture Expert Group - CMYK i RGB spec; TIFF - Tagged Image File Format - CMYK (32-bit) i RGB (24-bit); PNG - Portable Network Graphics.

Other format are not supported and will fail with processing.